Tōtika Pre-Qualification with Avetta

Avetta is a gold member scheme of Tōtika

Get Tōtika approved Health & Safety pre-qualification sorted with Avetta

What is Tōtika?

Tōtika pre-qualification is a system developed by Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) to assess and verify the health and safety capabilities of contractors. It aims to provide assurance that these organisations meet specific health and safety standards and have the necessary systems in place to manage risks in their operations.

To find out more visit https://www.totika.org/

Tōtika Pre-Qualification with Avetta

As a gold member scheme of Tōtika, Avetta can offer you a pre-qualification assessment that aligns with Tōtika requirements at a competitive price.

    • Category S – Sole Trader, $199 +GST every 2 years
    • Category 1, $399 + GST every 2 years
    • Category 2, $899+ GST each year
    • Category 3, $1299 + GST each year

With a designated NZ contact and a team of experienced auditors, Avetta will help you through the process from start to finish. We take pride that our response time is also impressively fast, with a turnaround of 10 working days.

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Once pre-qualified against the Tōtika standard you will have the edge over competitors proving to clients that you take health and safety seriously, all your policies and procedures have been independently assessed and you are committed to doing the right thing.

If you are still unsure of what category your organisation falls under, you can use this helpful tool or contact us using the details below.

Need some help?

Please contact our designated NZ representative, Jenny Llewellyn

Email: totikaprequal@avetta.com

Phone: +64 (0)7 542 0857

Mobile: +64 (0)21 684 289

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The following are a few of the many contractors/suppliers who have chosen Avetta for their Tōtika pre-qualification assessment: